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Bryce Evans is the Vice President of Content and Events at 10 Missions Media. Bryce oversees the company’s six national brands, Auto Service ProfessionalADAPTFenderBenderModern Tire DealerNational Oil & Lube News, and Ratchet+Wrench. He also takes care of the live events, marketing department, and additional products. Bryce has produced work in dozens of national and regional publications, an award-winning journalist. 

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Starting a business isn’t easy — but it helps to learn from others who have endured similar challenges. 

That’s why Bryce Evans is working hard to showcase inspiring stories of automotive business leaders through publications like Ratchet+Wrench. Generous shop owners open up about their journeys and share the solutions and strategies they’ve cultivated over the years. The goal is to help others find the same success, build their businesses, and make improvements. 

In this episode of Gain Traction Podcast, Mike Edge is joined by Bryce Evans, Vice President of Content and Events at 10 Missions Media, to discuss inspiring automotive business owners by sharing stories. Bryce talks about his background in journalism, significant milestones for 10 Missions Media, and future opportunities in the industry — including the ADAPT Summit.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Bryce Evans shares how his background in journalism led to launching Ratchet+Wrench for 10 Missions Media
  • The primary goal of Ratchet+Wrench: share stories, showcase solutions, and inspire future business owners
  • Milestones for 10 Missions Media
  • When is the next ADAPT Summit?
  • Bryce’s daily rituals for success: take excessive notes and make a strategy for your day

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