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Keith Heavilin is the President of YellowFin Digital, a full-service creative design and digital marketing agency based in Texas that provides comprehensive website and digital marketing services. Keith is also the Co-founder of Floww Digital, a company that provides digital marketing solutions for independent auto repair and tire shops across the United States. Keith’s management portfolio includes the development of four unique businesses in four distinct industries, which he led from initial startup to maturity and acquisition.

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Are you an independent tire and automotive repair shop hoping to achieve straightforward yet powerful marketing solutions? 

Floww Digital believes there are a thousand different ways to spend money on digital marketing to increase traffic. You’ve got to do paid ads for the small, one-man, or one-location shop because that’s the fastest and most impactful way to get a return. Later, you can take the profits you’ve made, put them into your website and SEO, and grow the overall size of your operation. You also have to understand what drives traffic and moves your business. If you follow these simple yet highly effective digital marketing tips, you’ll be successful.

In this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, Neal Maier is joined by Keith to introduce Floww Digital and the marketing services they offer. Keith explains how Floww Digital was formed, its core services, the proper process to follow when undertaking digital marketing, and the challenges Floww Digital is facing as a marketing agency in the automotive industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Keith Heavilin shares how he ended up in the automotive and digital marketing industries
  • The types of clients YellowFin works with and how they serve customers
  • Keith talks about Floww Digital, the core services they offer, and how they bring significant ROI to clients
  • Keith explains what PPC marketing is and when a business should apply it 
  • How can you generate effective marketing strategies in the automotive industry? 
  • The importance of getting a marketing agency that understands your industry
  • What challenges does Floww Digital face?

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