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Jared Kugel is the Founder and CEO of Tire Agent, one of the fastest-growing tire e-commerce sites. Tire Agent allows customers to purchase tires online and get live expert tire advice and installation at the location of the vehicles. Jared has grown Tire Agent into a market leader for selling tires online through his marketing and business development skills. Previously, Jared was the Director of Business Development for Future Tire and received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing from Hofstra University. 

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Most people say there are two ways to make your business stand out: great prices or quality service. Instead of choosing only one, though, what if you could offer both? 

Jared Kugel set out to offer affordable tires online with a new e-commerce business, but he quickly realized that using low prices alone as a business foundation is a quick race to the bottom. By focusing on quality AND low prices, the idea evolved into an entirely new business concept: tires that are delivered to you and installed by a team of experts — all while you take care of work, your home, or anything else. Sounds a lot better than sitting in a waiting room, right?

On this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, Neal Maier sits down with Jared to discuss why price and service matter. In addition, Jared shares how Tire Agent became the powerhouse company it is today, why service is the best way to set your business apart, and his advice for other tire e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jared Kugel explains how Tire Agent morphed into the business leader it is today
  • Why Jared focuses on quality service — not just affordable prices
  • Advice for anyone considering launching a retail tire e-commerce brand
  • The primary difference between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail
  • Jared shares the best tip he ever received: you shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room

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