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george kingman Episode 111

George Kingman

Advanced Shop Leadership

A Personal Support System for Independent Auto Shops With George Kingman of Advanced Shop Leadership

charles mesones Episode 110

Charles Mesones

Cook's Tire & Service

Optimizing Performance by Committing to Staff Development With Charles Mesones of Cook’s Tire & Service

keegan wentz Episode 109

Keegan Wentz

McMahon Tech Center

Using Technology To Establish Customer Trust With Keegan Wentz, President of McMahon Tech Center

mike edge Episode 108

Mike Edge

Tread Partners

Camaraderie and Passion on Full Display at the 2023 SEMA Trade Show With Mike Edge of Tread Partners

randy o'connor Episode 107

Randy O’Connor

Dealer to Dealer Development Group

Recognizing the Good and Fixing the Bad With Randy O’Connor of Dealer to Dealer Development Group

michael chung Episode 106

Michael Chung

Auto Care Association

Reacting to Changes in the Marketplace With Michael Chung of Auto Care Association

cody lang Episode 105

Cody Lang

Tire Solutions

The Importance of Trust From Tire Dealers and Customers With Cody Lang of Tire Solutions

giorgio andonian Episode 104

Giorgio Andonian

FOCUS Investment Banking

The Value of a Long-Term Exit Strategy With Giorgio Andonian of FOCUS Investment Banking

don detore Episode 103

Don Detore

Tire Business

A Reporter’s Journey From Covering Sports to Tires With Don Detore of Tire Business

frank frattale Episode 102

Frank Frattale

Trimax Tire-Maxon International

Truth and Transparency in the Tire Industry With Frank Frattale of Trimax Tire-Maxon International

scott weeden Episode 101

Scott Weeden

Barnwell House of Tires

Profits and Product Performance Produce Partnerships With Scott Weeden of Barnwell House of Tires

, gain traction podcast Episode 100

Neal, David, and Mike

Tread Partners

Looking Back on 100 Episodes With Neal Maier, David Christopher, and Mike Edge of Tread Partners

george silagadze Episode 99

George Silagadze


Revolutionizing Tire Sales With George Silagadze, Vice President of TireConnect

, gain traction podcast Episode 98

JP Gallagher

Gallagher Tire

Relationships Drive Success With JP Gallagher, President of Gallagher Tire

, gain traction podcast Episode 97

Bill Bainbridge

Formerly of CJ’s Tire and Automotive

Growing Customer Awareness With Bill Bainbridge, Former VP of Marketing and Business Development with CJ’s Tire and Automotive

john repp Episode 96

John Repp

Dunlap & Kyle Co.

How Core Values Enhance Credibility With John Repp, Sales Manager for Dunlap & Kyle Co.

chris lawson Episode 95

Chris Lawson

Technician Find

How To Hire a Great Technician With Chris Lawson of Technician Find

lance bullock Episode 94

Lance Bullock

OE Wheels

Expanding Your Portfolio To Meet Customer Demand With Lance Bullock of OE Wheels

mason hess Episode 93

Mason Hess

Purcell Tire

Supplying and Servicing Big Tires in the Mining Industry With Mason Hess of Purcell Tire

roy littlefield Episode 92

Roy Littlefield

Tire Industry Association

Roy Littlefield of the Tire Industry Association on Tire Registration and Right to Repair Legislation

dave vogel Episode 91

Dave Vogel

ASA Automotive Systems

Innovating Software to Accommodate Customer Demands With Dave Vogel, General Manager at ASA Automotive Systems

tom diaz Episode 90

Tom Diaz

Bright Bay Creative

Fascinating Insights Into the Production of Automotive TV Shows With Tom Diaz, Coordinating Producer at Bright Bay Creative

jason rook Episode 89

Jason Rook

Independent Tire Dealers Group

A Voice for Independent Tire Dealers With Jason Rook, President and CEO of Independent Tire Dealers Group

, gain traction podcast Episode 88

Robert “Sonny” McDonald

Toyo Tires Corp USA

Increasing Sales Through Effective and Thorough Training With Robert “Sonny” McDonald, Senior National Training Manager at Toyo Tires Corp USA

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