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Neal Maier and David Christopher are Co-founders of Tread Partners, a digital marketing agency focused on using SEO, marketing, and branding to help tire companies and auto-repair shops grow and thrive. 

Neal was previously a Partner at 3VE and COO of TexTivia, which rebranded into 3VE. He has worked for multiple automotive companies such as Autoshop Solutions and Auto Pro To Call.

 david christopher

David was previously also a Partner at 3VE and was the Founder of TexTivia, which rebranded into 3VE. He has over 20 years of experience owning and operating businesses, including his own family’s auto repair shop. 

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In this episode…

How did a car lover and an aspiring tax attorney come together to start a digital marketing agency? What’s the biggest challenge when entering the marketing industry? How can you ensure repeat customers for your business? Listen to this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast to find out! 

Neal Maier and David Christopher’s paths converged through a mutual friend in 2015. Upon realizing they had the same vision for the marketing industry, they decided to create their own agency together focused on crafting websites for automotive and tire companies. Since then, they’ve helped countless companies increase their ROI, paid searches, and leads. Now, they’re here to tell their story. 

On this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz talks with Neal and David as they discuss the challenges with starting an agency, how Neal and David found their niche in a seemingly saturated space, when to expand your services, and much more. Stay tuned!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • David Christopher and Neal Maier talk about their backgrounds and how they ended up in the automotive & marketing industries
  • The vision Neal and David share for the future of digital marketing
  • The beginning of Neal and David’s agency and the initial services they offered to their clients
  • The driving force that made Neal and David decide to focus on creating websites for automotive companies
  • The challenges Neal and David faced upon starting their agency
  • Bad versus good offers to clients
  • How to lead with your superpower (rather than an offer) and what goes into someone’s secret sauce
  • Tips for re-engagement and getting return customers
  • Neal and David share their biggest lessons they’ve learned while being in the digital marketing industry

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