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Tere Hardin is an automotive software expert with over two decades of experience. Currently, he is an Enterprise Account Executive for Shop-Ware. Previously, Tere was a Product Specialist for Automotive Management Solutions and ran the National Accounts for Progressive Automotive Systems. Born and raised in South Texas, he joined the Marines when he was 17 and left a small farm to repair navigation equipment aboard a Navy helicopter carrier. 

Tere spends his free time riding his Harley Davidson and fixing things as needed. Tere and his wife love to travel light and spontaneously.

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In this episode…

Most people don’t associate tire shops with customer service. But when you think about it, isn’t that what the automotive industry is all about?

Most customers who walk through your door won’t know the difference between a transaxle and a transmission. They won’t understand a word you say about gears or U-joints. But they will hear, “Yes, we have the right parts; we can fix it.” So how will you make sure you always have the right parts for your customers? How can you keep an accurate customer history that stays up-to-date with their needs? The answer lies in your software.

In this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, host Mike Edge is joined by Tere to discuss the advantages of automated software in the automotive industry. Tere talks about the recently expedited progress of automotive software, how it simplifies employee training, and his journey within the industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Tere Hardin shares how he was introduced to the automotive software space
  • The recent leaps in automotive software that have greatly benefited the industry
  • The lost art of customer service
  • Tere’s proudest milestone: his childrens’ education

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