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Patrick Murphy is the CEO and Co-founder of SideKick360. SideKick360 is a web-based reporting platform that provides on-demand reporting and operations tools for shop management systems. Patrick is also the Founder and Head Coach at Retail Tire & Service Solutions. He focuses on solving operational, data, and people challenges faced by auto repair shops at both companies. In 2014, he founded MyCarCareRewards, now BAYiQ, which brought real-time integrated loyalty marketing to the tire and auto repair industry. His current project is developing distributor and manufacturer “value add” programs that increase loyalty and improve the sellout capabilities of B2B clients.

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When business slows down, most companies put their energy into acquiring new customers. But what about your existing customers?

Instead of offering deals and coupons to bring in new traffic, how about finding ways to serve your current clients? For example, wouldn’t it be nice to look across your customers and see who needs tires and hasn’t had an alignment in the last year? It’s easy to pick up a phone and remind your customers that you’re thinking of them and want their car in the best condition. Plus, it’s good for your business. 

In this episode of Gain Traction Podcast, Neal Maier is joined by Patrick to discuss how his business, SideKick360, is helping shop owners save time and drive sales. Patrick talks about the inspiration that started SideKick360, how the software works, and why your phone is your best marketing tool. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Patrick Murphy shares how he was introduced to the tire industry
  • Where did Patrick get the idea for SideKick360?
  • How SideKick360’s platform is saving time and driving sales
  • Turning missed maintenance into business opportunities
  • How Patrick is training shop owners to truly take ownership of their business
  • Marketing isn’t just for acquiring new customers — it’s also for retention
  • Why the phone is your best marketing tool
  • The best advice that Patrick has ever received: most people want to do a good job, they just need to know how to do it

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