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Tim Winkeler is the President and CEO of VIP Tires & Service, with 63 locations in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Tim is an accomplished, people-focused leader with a track record of building high-performance teams that exceed expectations and are hyper-focused on customer needs and feedback. Tim thrives in helping organizations succeed through strategy, development, and execution. Tim is originally from St. Louis, Missouri but grew up in Oklahoma before moving to Maine.

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In this episode…

There’s often an unspoken division between a tire company’s office and service teams. Is it possible to help them connect and understand one another? 

Tim Winkeler has spent the last decade unifying the team at VIP Tires & Service — and the difference is enormous. He’s worked to help people in the office understand the struggles that the store employees go through, and the store employees understand the efforts from the office to support them. He even has everyone in the office wear the store uniform one day a week to remind everyone that they’re all on the same team. 

In this episode of Gain Traction Podcast, Mike Edge is joined by Tim to discuss how to create a unified team culture. Tim talks about why he decided to move across the country to join the VIP Tires & Service team, how the company has transformed since he started, and the future of the automotive industry. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Tim Winkeler shares how he ended up in Maine with VIP Tires & Service
  • The transformation of VIP Tires & Service over the past 12 years
  • Unifying the service and office teams
  • Where is the automotive industry headed in 2022?
  • The impact of the new infrastructure bill on the industry
  • Tim’s love of the St. Louis Cardinals

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