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Jeff Tucker is the CEO of Triple T Tire and Tapps. Jeff grew his family’s tire business from a single location specializing in tires to three full-service auto repair and tire shops. Jeff also developed the Tapps App to help retailers implement payment plans for their customers. Using data, analytics, and customization, the Tapps App helps to improve consumer engagement which allows businesses to flourish.

In addition to his roles at Triple T Tire and Tapps, Jeff is also a Business Development Consultant at Molloy Business Development Group. Outside of the tire world, Jeff loves to be at home with his wife, Julie, or outdoors off-roading with family and friends.

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It’s no secret that car repairs often come with a hefty price tag. Unfortunately, most people don’t plan to spend $2,500 on car repairs every month, leaving them woefully unprepared to meet this expense if their vehicle is in need of serious repairs. So, how do you help your customers get the repairs they need while also pricing your services fairly?

Jeff Tucker, CEO of Triple T Tire and Tapps, came up with a solution. His invention, the Tapps App, offers simple payment plans for his customers. Rather than spending days trying to find a compatible lender, customers can find a loan almost instantly and get the repairs they need. Not only does this put drivers back behind the wheel of their cars sooner, but it also helps generate more business for your establishment by giving customers a convenient way to pay.

On this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, Mike Edge sits down with Jeff to discuss how adding customer payment plans can drive your business forward. Additionally, Jeff talks about why he came back to the family business after college instead of pursuing mechanical engineering, the inspiration behind the Tapps App, and how using the app has benefitted his customers.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jeff Tucker explains why he came back to the family business after pursuing mechanical engineering in college.
  • How do you run a family business without the drama?
  • What inspired Jeff to create the Tapps App?
  • How has using Tapps benefitted Jeff’s customers?
  • Tips for implementing Tapps at your store

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