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Jarid Lundeen is the President of Tires Plus of North Dakota. After earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management, Jarid started his career in the hospitality industry. Now, he’s been in the tire industry for over 20 years and currently operates a total of four tire locations and two stores.

Outside of the tire world, Jarid enjoys spending time with his family of six children and coaching youth football.

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In this episode…

Are you curious about trying a new career path but feeling fear about leaving the old one behind? Do you have an excellent idea for a business, but you’re not sure if the risk will be worth the potential rewards?

Meet Jarid Lundeen, President of Tires Plus of North Dakota. He started in the hospitality industry, transitioned to managing restaurants, and moved into the banking industry before deciding to land in the tire industry where he’s been for the last 20 years. How did he leverage his skills to thrive in three totally different careers? 

On this episode of the Gain Traction Podcast, Mike Edge sits down with Jarid to discuss how work ethic, taking risks, and building smart business models got him where he is today. Additionally, Jarid speaks to how he ended up in the tire industry, the milestones he is most proud of, and why he wasn’t afraid to go places where others failed.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Jarid Lundeen describes how his career changed & adapted over the years into different industries
  • What gave Jarid the courage to try in areas where others had failed? 
  • Why is the replication model so effective? 
  • Jarid discusses his children’s involvement in the business.
  • Which milestone is Jarid most proud of?
  • Jarid describes the “three bottom lines.”
  • What parallels exist between coaching football and business?
  • Jarid gives a shout-out to his mentors.

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