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Craig Van Batenburg is the CEO and Chief Technical Officer of ACDC Hybrid EV Training Resources. Craig has worked as a tech since 1968, a shop owner since 1977, a management trainer since 1997, and a technical trainer since 1999. In 2014, he added a research and development center to his facility. He’s deeply interested in the EV space and training those that are curious and willing to learn. 

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If you’ve been working on traditional vehicles for years, electric cars might seem like a mystery. Where can you learn the secrets of the trade? 

ACDC Hybrid EV Training Resources has the answers you need. Founder and CEO Craig Van Batenburg says he’s not an automotive instructor — he’s a trainer. What’s the difference? His job is to do three things: make you faster, better, and safer as quickly as he can. He’s not just helping people learn how to work on cars — he’s helping employees in the trade upgrade their abilities.

In this episode of Gain Traction Podcast, Mike Edge is joined by Craig to discuss why he created ACDC Hybrid EV Training Resources and how he’s saving the planet one car at a time. Craig talks about why he loves electric vehicles, how he’s helping mechanics across the country, and what he teaches at ACDC. If you’re not up to speed on hybrid and EV, this episode is a must-listen!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Craig Van Batenburg shares how he found a passion for hybrid and EV cars
  • Who does Craig train at ACDC?
  • What’s the delay in switching over to electric vehicles?
  • Craig names influential mentors in his life

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