Gain Traction

joe inchiostro Episode 135

Joe and John Inchiostro

St. Louis Wholesale Tire

From Family Business to Tire Titans With Joe and John Inchiostro of St. Louis Wholesale Tire

neal maier Episode 133

Neal Maier

Tread Partners

From New Leads to Loyal Customers: Marketing Insights With Neal Maier, Co-Founder of Tread Partners

nick fox Episode 132

Nick Fox and Vanessa Larson

Gills Point S Tire & Auto

Small Beginnings, Big Success With Nick Fox and Vanessa Larson of Gills Point S Tire & Auto

randy o'connor Episode 131

Randy O'Connor, Bobby Gillespie, Kyle Moore, Kayle Heiar

Dealer to Dealer Development Group, Gillespie Tire and Automotive Service, Moore Tires

Discussing Generational Tire Shops With Randy O’Connor, Bobby Gillespie, Kyle Moore and Kayla Heiar

douglas kershaw Episode 130

Douglas Kershaw

KAL Group

Building a Winning Wholesale Tire Division With Douglas Kershaw of KAL Group

cody hammer Episode 129

Cody Hammer

Trusted Tire

Cultivating Customer Connections With Cody Hammer, Area Sales Manager at Trusted Tire and Auto

kyle blankenhorn Episode 86

Kyle Blankenhorn

Ken's Tire

The Value of Experienced and Empathetic Leadership With Kyle Blankenhorn of Ken’s Tire

samuel felberbaum Episode 85

Samuel Felberbaum

Prinx Chengshan Tire, Fortune Tire USA

Promoting a Tire Brand by Sponsoring a Sport With Samuel Felberbaum, President at Prinx Chengshan Tire 

, gain traction podcast Episode 84

Chris Talevi


Eliminating Fear From the Payment Process With Chris Talevi, Vice President of Sales at PayTomorrow

joe mcdonald Episode 80

Joe McDonald

Jasper Engines & Transmissions

Do the Right Thing and Have Fun With Joe McDonald, Vice President of Sales at Jasper Engines & Transmissions

craig o'neill Episode 79

Craig O’Neill


Ensuring Customers’ Cars are Safe, Reliable, and Efficient With Craig O’Neill, Vice President of Training at Autoflow

angie oleson Episode 78

Angie Oleson

Firestone Direct

Servicing Your Vehicles Wherever With Angie Oleson, Business Lead at Firestone Direct 

james krakower Episode 77

James Krakower

JMK Computerized Tire Dealer Information System

Using Technology To Increase Your Shop’s Efficiency With James Krakower of JMK

kevin marley Episode 76

Kevin Marley

E-Solution Professionals

Tires and Technology in Tandem With Kevin Marley, Managing Director at E-Solution Professionals

charles bonfiglio Episode 75

Charles Bonfiglio

Tint World

Successful Franchising With Charles Bonfiglio, CEO at Tint World

kent coleman Episode 74

Kent Coleman

Big O Tires

Tires Are a People Business With Kent Coleman, Owner at Big O Tires

mike edge Episode 73

Mike Edge

Tread Partners

Easy Money for Tire Dealers With Mike Edge, Director of Business Development With Tread Partners

tony desimone Episode 72

Tony DeSimone

New England Tire and Service Association (NETSA)

The Benefits of Association Membership With Tony DeSimone, Executive Director at New England Tire and Service Association (NETSA)

john ward Episode 71

John Ward

Allen Rubber Co.

Turning Old Tires Into Treasure With John Ward, E-commerce Manager at Allen Rubber Co.

jay condrick Episode 70

Jay Condrick

Boston Mobile Tire

Bringing Tires to the People With Jay Condrick, Owner at Boston Mobile Tire

darren mclea Episode 69

Darren McLea

Molloy Business Development Group

Building a Culture and Getting Buy-in With Darren McLea, Business Development Consultant at Molloy Business Development Group

matthew peters Episode 66

Matthew Peters

Tread Partners

Building Long-Lasting Client Relationships With Matthew Peters, Business Development Manager at Tread Partners

larry sutton Episode 65

Larry Sutton

RNR Tire Express

Sticking to What You Do Best With Larry Sutton, President and Founder of RNR Tire Express 

judd shader Episode 64

Judd K. Shader

Leeds West Groups

Growing Your Tire Business With Judd K. Shader, Founder and CEO at Leeds West Groups

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